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Here are a list of our most frequently asked questions! If you have other questions, don't hesitate to email us!


How do you say your company's name? 

  • This is our most frequently asked question! It is Jut, not Jute. We chose the name Jut Made because the word "jut" means "a point that sticks out, to extend out". We want your messages and our Boards to "stick out" of the crowd of content and images we are bombarded with everyday.


Do letters come with the Jut Board? 

  • Yes! Every Jut Board comes with a Letters Jut Pack which contains 225 characters.


Are the Wood Jut Boards made from real wood?

  • No, they are wood-inspired. Due to the cost and weight of real wood, we chose a different material to create our Boards. We wanted to achieve the look of real wood, without it being too pricey.


Is there a bracket on the back of the Jut Boardsto hang this horizontally or just vertically?

  • There are brackets to hang our Sonnet boards both vertically & horizontally. There is also a kickstand on the back, but only for standing vertically.


Do you ship outside the USA?

  • Currently, we do not ship outside the United States


Why does the Walnut finish look so different from board to board on pictures?

  • Different lighting can bring forth different colors of the boards. We also sometimes use customer images of our products on social media, and on those images, we cannot guarantee a filter-less photo.


Do you make custom sized boards?

  • Currently, we do not offer custom boards


Can Jut Boards hold refrigerator magnets or other magnets? 

  • Yes! Jut Boards are a great way to display any magnets you may collect. 


When do different holiday/season packs become available?

  • Some of our Jut Packs are only around once a year. We will release holiday packs about a month before the holiday starts. The best way to know when these items are back, are to join our newsletter, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook!


Do your Jut Letters come with a storage bag?

  • Our letters do not come with a storage bag, however, they are sent to you in a sheet that can be used to store them in as well. We also offer our Jut Box for an easy storage solution!