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A married team, Paul and Laura Heslop, began Jut Made in 2017 with this simple goal in mind:  to inspire others to stand out or ‘jut’ out as the company name implies.  
Jut Made truly had intense production needs.  Each board was cut, bonded and sanded by hand as well as hand applying magnets to Jut Pack icons.  After about a year of basement production Jut Made had gained enough momentum to send production “out-of-house”--a dream come true! This growth allowed for improvements in productivity and also pushed positive product changes into place.  
In August of 2019, Jut Made changed hands. Our new owner, Jordan feels that same love for design and functionality that was the focal point of the beginnings of the original Jut Made products.  These same values continue to push us towards creating products that are unique, beautiful and so unlike any others in the marketplace. While we’ve grown, we are still focused on the details. Our Jut Packs are laser cut locally then hand-assembled and packaged at our facility in Clearfield, UT. In fact, our quality controllers still inspect each bag of letters that accompany our Jut Boards and we are pleased to have such human involvement with each one of our items.
From products that are unquestionably iconic to graphics that fit the bill, at Jut Made, we feel life should be lived outside the lines. Our changeable boards are a striking way to inspire, connect, celebrate and stand out: making YOU the star of the show.
  “Magnetic Messages Made to Stand Out”