Meet the Founders, Paul & Laura Heslop.

The story of how Jut was Made begins long before the napkin drawings and shiny magnetic visions. It starts 15 years ago when Paul and Laura became friends. In high school, Paul had his first taste of entrepreneurialism with a little lawn care business. Laura got behind the mower on occasion to help him out (but let's be real, at that point it was mainly to work on her tan). Two years later they walked side by side at high school graduation and another four years after that they walked again together at their university graduation.

While newly married and feeling adventurous, the couple purchased a small business, Salt of the Earth. Paul as President/Chief Marketing Officer/Sales Director/Head of R&D and Laura as Vice President/Production Worker. They were now selling lotions and scrubs and all things spa in spite of the fact that neither of them had ever had a pedicure or massage. They quickly learned the art of standing out in a competitive industry.

Fast forward almost 9 years to where Paul and Laura, while very happily married, were noticing a growing gap in their "professional" work. Paul had continued to expand the lotion biz while Laura's attention slowly shifted to the hectic demands of motherhood and chasing three little ones.

Reminiscing on the times they had spent running a business side by side, a new light was sparked. Paul and Laura knew it had to be something they could do on the side because they both had demanding "day" jobs. Their love for design and functionality became the focal point of what they wanted to build. Through late nights, children napping, and lunch breaks, Jutmade was created with a simple goal in mind: to inspire others to stand out or ‘jut’ out. 

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